What’s included in our SEO packages?

Do you see good number of unique website users but you don’t see any leads or conversions? Do you want to improve your site’s online visibility and drive relevant traffic? Aspire to have a competitive edge over your competitors? After developing amazing content, performing everything as per the book, if you are not reaching your potential customers, then your effort is totally wasted. A tailor-made SEO package from Clixterra is the solution to all these issues. What you need is a combination of modern Search Engine Optimization services to improve traffic, help them convert and increase earnings. Not just these, SEO packages from Clixterra additionally increase brand awareness, buyer’s trust, customer’s loyalty, furthermore, an increased return on your investment. At Clixterra we provide a variety of assistance so that you can choose the most reliable SEO package for your requirements. With our SEO packages for small to medium-sized companies, you can conveniently drive more traffic to your website and increase your revenue.

Find it out here what our search engine optimization packages include –

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Google analytics set up and traffic analysis
  • Website sitemap set up
  • Custom 404 pages set up
  • SEO copywriting
  • Content promotion
  • call only lead tracking
  • Quarterly reporting
  • And more

With our end-to-end SEO packages, we optimize your website and help you rank at the top of search results. Clixterra’s transparent pricing and regular reporting help you to manage your investment and results in a trouble-free manner.

Keep on reading to know about our SEO services packages from Clixterra –

Well, you are aware of SEO and know what result the first-page placement in major portals can have on your marketing goals. Now, what you need to do is select an agency that will give you good results. With Clixterra your problem is solved. SEO packages at Clixterra are created to fit your specific business and implement everything needed to take your site to the peak of Google search results. Clixterra’s search engine optimization packages are useful because they suggest specifically what you require to embark on, nourish your campaign and continue to serve, to grow your business following primary success. Check out our SEO services packages from Clixterra.

  • Keyword research – With our research we help you discover the most appropriate target keywords for your campaign. We boost your campaign to help your site attract the right potential audience.
  • Google analytics set up – We help you to understand how your campaign is performing. We will assist you to open Google Analytics to pursue as well as control your campaign’s execution. Our team performs everything starting from picture implementation plus optimization to creating a website map.
  • Ongoing periodical reports – To keep you well-informed we offer periodical reporting with our regular SEO packages. You will receive information regarding keywords, ROI, traffic, goal and a lot more.

We understand revenue is vital to you, hence, we develop our search engine optimization package that maximizes ROI. We know that SEO is not a one-time kind of contract, so our experts work with you to generate the fittest SEO campaign that drives results you are looking for. Our packages are separately designed for each client. We strongly believe that every great plan starts with thorough analysis. Our SEO specialists analyze your business goals, competition, Industry, website, and draft SEO strategy, customized for your business goals. Additionally, SEO is not a one-time strategy, which implies that reporting will not be one-time either. We cover regular maintenance in all of our fundamental SEO packages.

Search engine algorithms alter continually. If an algorithm varies, our team is there to make sure your company’s rankings on the search engine does not fall. Not merely this, but with our SEO package, you can build the trust of your website gradually by using link building plus content creation. We add these to our regular maintenance SEO packages. Clixterra offers SEO service packages that promise you to boost your online presence. Don’t just accept our saying. We have proof that Clixterra has emerged as one of the most reliable SEO firms in the world with offices in India, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore and many more. Moreover, you can go through the reviews and testimonials from our clients if you wish.

Why must you invest in an SEO package from Clixterra?

With an increasing number of people depending on search engines to discover businesses, derive knowledge and a lot more, spending on a reliable as well as beneficial SEO package from a reputed agency like Clixterra can help you push these leads to your business. Browse on to know why you must invest in an SEO package from Clixterra.

  • We help you gain your customer’s trust as well as the authority – When users conduct searches and if your business emerges at the top of search results, you establish your trust and authority that take your business a long way. When visitors are ready to become buyers they are more liable to prefer your company over your rivals as they believe you.  An aggressive SEO package from Clixterra can help you reap its benefit by gaining your customer’s trust and authority.
  • Our SEO is cost-effective – It is necessary to have your website’s content on the front page of search results and that goal is almost unachievable minus an SEO campaign. SEO is an expenditure but it brings valuable results for your company. By investing in our SEO package, you would be equipped to draw more leads.  More leads mean more conversions. More conversions indicate more business. When your site appears in the organic search and visitors arrive on your web page, you are not spending anything for their arrival, unlike PPC. We are not saying that PPC is expensive, but it does imply that SEO is very cost-effective.  
  • Our specialists work to maximize your ROI – When you choose our SEO package we strive to boost your Return on Investment so that your company can gain from the expense you made. Optimized with our SEO, your company website appears in front of your potential consumer who is looking for your commodity or assistance. Since search engines are the first step for any searches,  ignoring this market will be a massive loss for your group. At Clixterra we will handle your company’s SEO successfully to convert that damage into a significant profit with the usage of our SEO package customized to your business thereby maximizing your ROI.
  • We help you drive more local traffic – With our local SEO package, we help you to optimize your website by inserting certain local keywords that are used when people are searching for local businesses. This enables your business to rank better in search results regarding local search inquiries, empowering your site to drive increased local traffic.
  • Our SEO packages work – Our SEO approaches have a tried and tested record of achievement for businesses. With our SEO packages, many companies have witnessed improvement in traffic, rankings including conversions.
  • Our package includes competitor analysis to help you see how your rivals rank – By spending on our SEO package your company will get excellent results as our competitor analysis will help you to see where you stand concerning keywords compared to your rivals. It will definitely help you stay in the competition.  
  • Our SEO package covers a technical analysis of your website – It helps to figure out the problems with your website that might be holding you back.
  • Keyword research and customer behavior analysis are included in our package – When you know how your potential customer searches, you can plan for more useful keywords that would help your buyers to discover your goods easily.
  • We include content marketing in our SEO package – Since quality content helps your website rank higher in search results, our package includes a content improvement plan to increase traffic to your site to ensure that visitors spend a significant amount of time on your webpage.
  • We offer additional services with our SEO package –  Being a full-service digital marketing company Clixterra offers additional services that you can add to your plan in order to enhance your SEO strategies.
  • Our package includes regular reporting – It helps you to find out how your website is running and how our SEO package is functioning to help your site achieve success.

If you are in search of a plan to improve your business, SEO is an excellent approach to assist you in this regard. The correct SEO package will benefit by improving your web site’s ranking moreover, it will bring numerous qualified leads for your company. At Clixterra, with our experienced and skilled team, we create brilliant campaigns that serve your company. With their expertise as well as knowledge our experts drive results creating more selected leads for your business. We are a full- service digital marketing company that focuses on personalized SEO campaigns to better your business. If you are looking for an SEO package that goes for your business contact us today. Reach us to know more about us. So are you planning to take the next steps with the most reliable SEO company? Make Clixterra your partner. Looking forward to helping your business grow with our awesome SEO packages.

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