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About our company

Clixterra is a global tech company connecting brands to consumers. We bring Business and customers together in always-on, hyper-connected digital world. Our integrated and open platform lets you bring all your audience insights together in one place

We are integrated with leading platforms to buy inventory to deliver the best online content experience for an incredibly broad range of industries and brands. We partner with brands to help them redefine their digital strategies and ultimately improve their business success. Our deep understanding of the relationship between technology platform and digital marketing help us to deliver best results.

Digital Media Strategy

Our marketing & planning team will help brands create innovative marketing and communication strategies to get connected with their targeted audience.

Campaign Definition

Our digital team will create and optimize compelling, intriguing and personalized digital customer experience on websites and native apps to fuel brand customer conversation.


Our Optimization team will ensure the campaign is in right place at the right time by targeting and optimizing across all screens to increase conversions and deliver result.

Analyze and Reporting

Our measurements solutions will provide support throughout the entire process of validation of campaign success beyond standard performance metrics

Our Vision

The vision of our company is to ensure success for ‘small and medium’ scale enterprises online.

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Optimized Accounts
Industry Experience


Clixterra provides best-in-class programmatic technology solutions to leading brands and media owners

We have worked with several clients in USA, India and across APAC markets helping them with Programmatic Advertising, Search, SEO and Paid Social Advertising

In a widely disparate technology landscape, we leverage best-in-class technology to deliver the most comprehensive, highest-performing programmatic solutions in the market

We provide extensive expertise for some of the best and brightest brands

Our technology partners work with us on a strategic basis, enabling us to drive technical customizations and ensure we leverage the most tailored, efficient, and effective programmatic technology available in the industry

We provide a single, seamless platform from which to plan, buy, measure, and manage advertising campaigns holistically, on a unified customer view media plan.

Technology is nothing without people, which is why we have built a global team of digital gurus, data scientists, engineers, and insight specialists responsible for making sure every campaign we execute is a success.

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Brand safety

  • We ensure that all ads are delivered against quality placements and run in appropriate sites adjacent to appropriate content.
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Universal Blacklist

  • Our blacklist monitor scans all ClixTerra traffic to ensure that partners adhere to safety standards across channels.
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Fraud monitoring

  • We actively monitor fraudulent activity to ensure that impressions are served against humans instead of serving to bots.
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  • We monitor viewability rates (vCPM) and ensure that ads are run in approved placements and meet advertisers’ targeting requirements.

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