What is an SEO company?


Are you yourself managing your website that was launched a few months earlier? By any chance are you depressed thinking about where has all the traffic gone? With respect to managing your website single-handedly, there is no stopping, no destination. Creating a website is only the first step in the long run of keeping a thriving high-efficiency online site. Partnering with a world-class SEO company like Clixterra can help your organization continue to progress and make more profit.

The way you hire a cleaning company to tidy up your store, office or even house, in the same way, you associate with an SEO company to enhance your online visibility in portals. An SEO company’s task is to unite with you to drive contacts, phone calls, shop tour, buying and many more via search.

In brief, the definition of an SEO company is an agency whose purpose is to tip-top your digital presence in search engines. Escalated visibility in search engines implies higher traffic to the site you own, eventually more sales and more earning.

In today’s virtual world an increasing number of companies are aiming their business tactics and marketing funds towards the internet. That is one underlying cause of the growth of SEO business. No wonder there are numerous agencies offering SEO services. With thousands of agencies claiming to be the best SEO companies, it is hard to find the appropriate agency for your enterprise. Clixterra is, however, one of the worthiest SEO agencies in the world with offices in India, the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore and so on. With a 100% client satisfaction rate Clixterra is a reliable digital company for your organization.

As the numerous-uno SEO company, Clixterra knows how to place your business on the first page of search results. We not only provide tailor-made SEO strategies but additionally, follow numerous choicest SEO approaches to enhance your business.

Keep reading to learn how Clixterra a leading SEO company does SEO –

  •  Launching Google analytics – In the first stage, which is a vital fundamental step we concentrate on launching your Google analytics account. If you previously hold an account then we will help you plan goals distinct to your approach.
  • Website audit – We may sometimes audit the site you possess earlier, versus after, setting your Google analytics account. As a part and parcel of our audit, we study your website in detail. We look at the navigational structure, responsive design and your site optimization. All these components can affect the functioning of your SEO plan. For that reason,  Clixterra chooses an anticipatory path, analyzing these components ahead. Based on our conclusions we may suggest extra measures, for instance, constructing a receptive website layout or remodeling the form of your site’s navigation bar, to boost  your plan’s performance.  
  • Strategy creation – After creating your Google Analytics account and auditing your website we can create an excellent strategy for you that harmonizes with your organization’s aims, serving to fulfill what you desire to achieve. As the chief SEO company Clixterra fixes short as well as long term goals to attain. Periodically we report you regarding the development made. Whether you are slow in progress or progressing forward, we figure out techniques to better your presentation and enhance your outcomes.
  • Optimization of the website – With the tactics developed we begin to optimize your site for SEO. Several steps are incorporated in this process which includes researching keywords, creating content, repairing the broken links, and many more.
  • Rival analysis – Being the most reliable SEO company on this planet, Clixterra realizes the significance of evaluating your rivals. That is the reason our SEO services cover interpreting plus observing your opponent. Each month our specialists observe the below-mentioned factors to estimate your rival’s digital presence.
  • A rival’s search rankings
  • A rival’s website modifications
  • A rival’s content as well as link addition
  • A rival’s leads
  • A rival’s market share

All these pieces of information which several other SEO companies fail to furnish provides your organization with a thorough idea regarding your and your opponent’s achievement. This data additionally, displays the output of your SEO tactics, highlighting the authentic influence of SEO on your works. To our clients, this presents us not only as a topmost SEO services company but also as a trustworthy associate.

  • Periodical reporting – Clixterra gives clarity a preference. When you associate with the most reliable SEO company, you get reports once in seven days or once a month. With your periodical reports, you can also communicate with business decision-making forum regarding the result and usefulness of SEO. You can explicate the abundance of leads, sales plus income made by your SEO approach. Moreover, you can exhibit the ROI of your SEO assistance.

Why Clixterra is the best SEO company for your business? Read on to find it here.

With plenty of companies to select from, it is tough to locate a firm that can not merely accomplish your objectives for improvement but also render the assistance, advice including service that your company deserves. But Clixterra is not same as other SEO firms. We are the most reliable SEO company because we:

  • Equip your business with a devoted account handler.
  • Establish tailor-made tactics that promote your organization’s goals.
  • Convey genuine reports periodically to your company.
  • Clarify your queries, respond to your emails and calls as fast as possible.
  • Have experienced, devoted SEO specialist.
  • Provide the latest marketing software for a deeper understanding of your tactics.
  • Strengthen your SEO approach with added online marketing assistance.

Our client-centric strategy is behind the reason why our client retention rate is over and above 90%. Furthermore, it is also the basis why our client gratification rate is 100% maintaining that when you select our SEO company you are engaging an associate committed to your organization’s success. That is why we are the best SEO agency for your trade and your partners.

Uncover more further regarding why Clixterra is a committed SEO company for organizations anyplace on our planet.

  • Excellent client results – When you are searching for the most loyal SEO marketing firm for your company you desire an agency with an established and certified record capable of giving excellent results. As a prime SEO agency, Clixterra presents a confirmed performance history of managing excellent outcomes for clients.
  • Quality leadership – Founder and CEO of Clixterra, Sunil K Somareddy, with a rich global experience of more than 20 years has led our SEO start-up  to a reputable SEO company in a remarkably short time. Under his quality leadership, Clixterra has evolved into a trustworthy SEO company.
  • Our experience – We have worked with regional, national, global organizations from a mixture of trades, covering retail, production, healthcare plus more. Our exposure makes our agency one of the highly-ranked SEO companies in the industry.
  • Complete transparency – We all desire absolute transparency from our service giver and you are not an exception. With Clixterra you can bank on absolute transparency. During our entire client association, we keep transparency, which gives us the hallmark of not merely a dependable SEO company but additionally a committed one. Whether you are asking for a quote or commencing your connection with our company it is simple for your commercial enterprise to discern the whole picture with respect to your tactics and outcomes. Such happens because our SEO company gives you periodical reports.

Case Study

Glance through the case study to discover how Clixterra helped a client acquire amazing SEO results without a glitch.

Challenge – Our client owns a family-run trailer and towing company, came to Clixterra to grow their online business. Our SEO specialists began to promote our client’s brand identity, the website traffic furthermore, conversions.

Strategy – Our SEO specialists began to promote our client’s brand identity, the website traffic furthermore, conversions. To improve brand recognition as well as rankings we offered our SEO and PPC services. We used this strategy so that more customers could find their offers and get in touch with them to buy. As a consequence, it would transform to higher leads, sales including income. We also offered our social networking site and email marketing services to keep our client’s target audience updated that would guide to higher sales moreover true customers.

The result – Check out the results after our client partnered with us. 850% jump in the website tours from email, a 500% rise in contacts from email marketing, a 110% boost in SEO conversions, a 48% rise in SEO conversion rate and a 50% improvement in SEO users. With Clixterra by their side, they continuously direct competent traffic, leads, also income, all kindling the business’s progressive development.


It is difficult to discover a digital marketing agency that comprehends your company including goals. But Clixterra accomplishes exactly that. To find out how Clixterra can make results for you as well, just reach us. Contact us online or speak to our SEO specialist over a call if you think we are the right SEO company for you. You can also chat with our SEO expert if you want any help regarding SEO. Clixterra can support you even if you are having SEO problems with a present drive. Let us take the next steps unitedly. Let us work together. Get in touch with Clixterra to obtain higher website traffic, better positions in search results, more sales and higher revenue with SEO services from the best SEO company.

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