Five digital marketing strategies for Advocates

When we have a conversation with law firm partners and senior attorneys. It goes like this:

“My law firm can not find enough good clients/consultants”

Law firm marketing used to be simpler. Apart from referrals, most lawyers’ marketing strategy consists of a few print ads, billboards, and TV commercials that always seemed to follow the old way.

It is easy to see why most law practitioners are looking for better ways to get more clients and woo the best recruits. Guess what? You can do both things with the right digital marketing strategies.

By putting yourself front and center of both potential new clients and potential consultants, and you are taking them through the buyer’s funnel to contact and hire you.

Now the way of communication has changed!

Your probable audience now spending at least 8 hours online a day, and when they need a Lawyer/Advocate, 97% of them reaching to Google instead of the Telephone Directory/Yellow Pages to find your office. More than 70% of them prefer to get their questions answered online and learn about your law firm via digital content and making their hiring decisions through their research on mobile devices.

There are five key marketing strategies that will help Advocates attract and convert new clients as well as outperform and outrank competing law firms. They are:

1. Build a website.

2. Bring-in SEO services to rank top on the search engine results page.

3. PPC Advertising.

4. Follow up with Local SEO to attract local clients.

5. Build your community on Social media and answer their queries.


There is a lot to think about before you begin to market yourself online. That is why Clixterra has developed a comprehensive strategy for law firm marketing that covers all aspects of digital marketing and much more. We want your online presence to reflect the core values of your services. We want it to look great, and make something that you will be proud of displaying online, then only we consider our work to be successful in all regards. Learn more

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