Digital Marketing For Dentists?

Nowadays, Patients are making their healthcare decisions online. In a recent study, it was said that 74.6 percent of people have looked online to learn more about their medical problems and a doctor, a dentist.

Most of the patients are looking for their dental care on Google. Google reporting that one in every 20 searches is health-related, which translates to at least 100 billion health searches a year.

So, a prominent appearance for the relative query in Google results should be a key marketing priority for any dental practice. Search engine marketing offers a unique opportunity and competitive advantage in reaching patients who are searching for your dental services.

The traditional marketing strategies will increase general awareness, you might be reaching the masses but you might be wasting money on people who are not actively looking for a dentist.

Digital marketing enables to track your results and make the most of every dollar you spend. This information can be helpful as you start to formulate your dental marketing plans to see what works and what does not.

PPC ads allow you to use advertising platforms to make your presence in front of potential patients. If you do it right, it can be a great way to grow your practice.

If you want to specifically advertise services such as dental implants, teeth whitening or tooth repairs, creating a consistent and well-crafted message is the key to running a successful digital ad campaign.

Search Engine Marketing:

Whenever a person uses a major search engine to find a certain service, phrase or product, search advertisements are the ones that will appear in the top areas of Search engine ranking pages (SERPS).

As you can see with the blue arrows, search engine advertising is exclusively focused on intent-based results! Which means you are marketing to potential patients with purchase intent or share knowledge, services or products with them.

So, in the above example, my needs for tooth pain relief could be easily found and easily accessible with products or practices who have paid to advertise on the Search engine results page (SERP). This is a great way to advertise because you are giving the potential customer services they want! This leads to high conversion rates and value.

So, how do you run search advertising campaign?

Search engine advertising uses a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, which means that you will only pay when a potential customer with real purchase intent clicks on your ad.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media advertising or paid social ads are advertisements that appear on social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be used to promote a dental practice through boosted posts, offers and promotions.

Social media ads help you target potential patients by personal, professional, demographic and behavioral parameters which allow you to reach the people who are most relevant. An example of this would be a sponsored Facebook post that is used to increase the post’s presence or an Instagram advertisement.

Display Advertising:

Display ads are the ad spaces that are on the tops or sides of a website. These ads can be traditional banner ads or even videos.

For example, many news websites are full of video ads and clickable banner ads that are much more aggressive, making you watch five seconds of a video before you can get into the content you came for.

Display advertisements are effective as they are widespread across millions of websites and can be reached through Google Display Networks. Google Adwords can share your Display ads on websites and mobile apps based on contextual keywords and targeting preferences.

Search, Social, and Display Marketing: The Perfect strategy for marketing Dental Practice

Search, social and display ads balance digital marketing for dentists to maximize your conversions or leads. These three online advertising channels together will bring strong and unique elements to your strategy for a more holistic approach.


Digital marketing for dentists can lead to business growth at a surprisingly affordable cost. So, instead of spending money on marketing tactics of the past, why not leverage digital marketing which can deliver hard results that you desire?

Dive in, set up a digital marketing plan with us Today!, Get creative, Build meaningful relationships, and enjoy Digital marketing results. The opportunities and levels of success are endless! Learn more.

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