Digital Marketing
5 video marketing benefits for every business in 2020.
When the digital marketing age first started, most companies digitized by focusing on things like building websites to maintain a company profile, learning how to create social media ads and using analytics tools, thinking out how to rank in search engine results pages. Slowly, companies and marketers became experts in running digital campaigns and maintaining...
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Future of small business marketing.
If you are like most small business owners, probably, you constantly think about how to acquire new customers, increase revenue and retain customers. That is the pressure when it comes to owning a small business — you will greatly enjoy the flexibility and being your own boss, but you are on the 24/7 clock. Whether...
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Five digital marketing strategies for Advocates
When we have a conversation with law firm partners and senior attorneys. It goes like this: “My law firm can not find enough good clients/consultants” Law firm marketing used to be simpler. Apart from referrals, most lawyers’ marketing strategy consists of a few print ads, billboards, and TV commercials that always seemed to follow the...
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Digital Marketing For Dentists?
Nowadays, Patients are making their healthcare decisions online. In a recent study, it was said that 74.6 percent of people have looked online to learn more about their medical problems and a doctor, a dentist. Most of the patients are looking for their dental care on Google. Google reporting that one in every 20 searches...
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