5 video marketing benefits for every business in 2020

When the digital marketing age first started, most companies digitized by focusing on things like building websites to maintain a company profile, learning how to create social media ads and using analytics tools, thinking out how to rank in search engine results pages.

Slowly, companies and marketers became experts in running digital campaigns and maintaining strategies. But as the marketing efforts evolved, so did search engine algorithms. Because companies have turned to flood their audiences with digital ads and content to attract customers.

Audiences engaging with real, authentic and helpful content; that is why Google recommended companies and marketers to create more of this content. In 2018, Google made content marketing into a priority for companies that wanted to improve their digital marketing efforts by creating what marketers now call the E-A-T algorithm update. This algorithm changed how Google ranks websites in search results. By successfully creating content on their website, companies started to improve their SEM rankings within Google. From 2018-2019, content is king.

But now, people don’t just looking for the content to read, they are craving for content in the form of videos. Videos popularity has exploded in recent years, more than 250 million hours of videos being watched every day on YouTube, and it has become the new format of choice for the younger world.

5 Most valuable benefits of Video marketing:

1. 85% of Facebook feed videos are now watched without sound. Subtitles on your videos help you to reach a hearing disability consumers that they are of value to your brand, and it also helps you keep up with multitasking audiences who now prefer closed captioning rather than the sound.

2. Introduce your prospects about your business, website videos can include lots of content, whether it is an introduction to your team or an overview of your products and services.

3. Sharing short, snappy videos across social media platforms can help to build a strong connection with your audience and thus increase audience engagement rates. These videos can be funny, behind-the-scenes of everyday company life, FAQs answered in video form, client tutorials, or quick service and product overviews.

4. Companies, who want to keep up with the quickly evolving digital marketing arena, it is important to subscribe to this new model of video content on every level of your prospect purchasing journey.

5. People do not follow a simple routine path to purchasing a product. There are a number of interactions and touchpoints where your audience does research before completing a purchase. They go back and forth looking for needful information.


What do you want your audience to see, hear and feel? What message are you trying to convey? What is the call to action?

Create a strategy and develop your message, and select an advertising partner to make your vision come to life. Sure, anyone can flip cam and make a short video, but the quality and the visual narrative arc is the key. A well-made video will rise to the top of the massive amounts of video available online today. Learn more

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