Why Display Advertising is Important for Your Brand?

Why Display Ads are important for your Business?

According to Google, the Display Ads reach over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites!

Display advertising is important because it helps you to do two things Building a valuable, recognizable brand, and Keeping that brand at the top of your prospects’ minds.

If those reasons alone are not enough, check out some of the benefits of display ads:

Low Start-Up Costs

Super Tracking

Brand Awareness

Support Retargeting

5 Reasons why you want to use Display Ads In Your Campaign?

Let’s go through a few questions you should ask yourself before getting started:

1. Want to Start Remarketing?

2. Want to Utilize Managed Placements?

3. Want to Engage consumers everywhere?

4. Do you want more conversions on your website?

5. Want to get a better ROI?

Display ad sizes:

If you’re planning on running only display ads, you can go ahead and skip to the next section.

Alternatively, if you’d like to maintain control over your ads and you plan on taking the uploaded route, these are 12 common sizes you’ll likely need to accommodate:

  • Mobile: 300×250, 320×50, 320×100, 250×250, 200×200
  • Desktop: 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, 300×600, 160×600, 970×90, 468×60


Sample of Display Ads are Shown in Figure.
Sample of Display Ads are Shown in Figure.

Display Ad Example.

Now it’s a good time to think of how your business can best utilize it to bring in new customers or re-engage past consumers.

No doubt that Display Ads are on the rise in a big way. They’re a great way for businesses to build their brand while providing a more personalized experience for their ideal target audience which will help them stand out in comparison to their competition.

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