How to find the best SEO company for your business

Have you launched your website lately? Is your site’s visibility low? If this is your problem, what you need to do is, find the most suitable SEO company for your business. Whether you manage a big business or possess a small company, remaining at the top of search results is a continuous struggle. To outshine your rivals, you must invest in the most reliable SEO company.  Even with great content, if you are not reaching your potential audience, you require the help of SEO services to drive more traffic, help them convert and increase earnings.

Selecting an SEO company is not an easy job. Finding a trustworthy SEO company to tip-top your website’s digital presence is even tougher. Though it is difficult to choose a good SEO company, there are plenty of excellent SEO companies out there. Having a worldwide presence, with offices in India, the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and many more, Clixterra is the best SEO company for your business. Keep on reading to know how to find the best SEO company, how we do our SEO at Clixterra and why Clixterra is the best SEO agency.

Be logical while selecting your SEO company. Make sure that you don’t hurry into the process while choosing your SEO company because it can lead to a disappointing experience that does not help you improve your visibility, traffic, leads, businesses or earnings from search. Go through the following steps before you finalize your SEO company –

  • When you are finding the best SEO company for your business you must look at the SEO firm’s past performance through their case studies, client testimonials etc.
  • You can contact previous or present clients to learn about their experience with your potential SEO agency.
  • Before you associate with any SEO agency you must meet your SEO company. You can meet them in person or virtually via a video conference. Before plunging into a financial business with them, ask them questions about their performance, experience, strategies, expected results, ROI and cost to get a clearer picture.

When finding an SEO company never make the following mistakes –

  • Never select an SEO company that offers services at an unrealistic ultra-low-budget because they tend to under-deliver.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only local SEO companies because that can prevent your business from acquiring the success you want.
  • Refrain from choosing a black-hat SEO agency that takes the help of unethical strategies to carry out SEO.

Additionally, check the following when you choose the right SEO company for your business –

  • Proof of successful past records
  • Great transparency plus reporting
  • Unmatched client experience
  • Tailor-made, transparent pricing
  • Specialization in the help you require.
  • And last but not the least, ensure that you are comfortable with the agency.

Read on to learn how Clixterra the best SEO company does SEO.

  • In the first stage, we launch your Google analytics account.
  • Next, we conduct an audit of your website. We analyze the navigational structure, responsive design and site optimization which can influence the performance of your SEO plan. Based on our findings we recommend additional measures to enhance your plan’s functioning.
  • Then we create a fantastic, sure-fire strategy for your company.
  • In the following step, we optimize your website for SEO by incorporating keyword research, creating content, repairing broken links and so on.
  • We study your competitor’s search rankings, website, leads, links and market share to evaluate your opponent and gain a thorough idea regarding your and your rival’s achievement.
  • We provide monthly or weekly reporting to give you an idea of how your SEO is performing.

Clixterra is the best SEO company for your business because –

  • We carry out thorough research to understand everything about your company. We know that different companies have different requirements, different opponents and different objectives. Hence, the information we collect to comprehend your company help us to prepare the best SEO strategies for your website. While conducting our research we give special importance to certain factors listed below –
  • We perform competitor analysis in detail.
  • We also carry out an analysis of your website as well as the server.
  • Our experts at Clixterra analyze the numerous on-site SEO factors.
  • We optimize your website with attractive titles plus meta descriptions, better usability and improved site structure.
  • With our keyword research, we can transform your website visitors into purchasers.
  • We will help you with relevant backlinks to get you noticed.
  • We provide you with a devoted account manager to efficiently handle your account.
  • Our specialists create personalized strategies to promote your company’s objectives.
  • Periodically we report you regarding your site’s performance.
  • Here, at Clixterra we provide solutions to your problems, clear your doubts, revert to your e-mails and answer your calls as fast as we can.
  • We have highly qualified, skilled, dedicated SEO experts.
  • We provide your company with the latest marketing software to comprehend your tactics.
  • Our team of specialists help you to strengthen your website’s SEO approach with added online marketing support.
  • Our client-oriented strategy is the chief cause behind our 90% client retention rate and 100% client satisfaction rate. When you select us we dedicate ourselves to your company’s success. Being an established SEO company Clixterra has an excellent record of delivering outstanding results for its clients.
  • Founder and CEO of Clixterra, Sunil Kumar with global experience of more than 20 years has led our start-up to a renowned SEO agency in an exceptionally brief span. Under his excellent leadership, Clixterra has emerged as a reliable SEO company.
  • We have partnered with regional, national and global companies offering retail, production, education, healthcare etc. Our exposure makes us a top-notch SEO company for your business.
  • From transparent pricing to delivering your regular reports we prefer transparency throughout our association. It not only gives us the hallmark of being a reliable SEO company but committed as well. With our SEO company, you can bank on absolute transparency.
  • We extend ethical SEO services. We will never fool the search engine to enhance your site because we always follow the White Hat SEO techniques, for example, backlinking, link building to increase link following.
  • Our SEO specialists will help you create more substantial and effective content for your website because the best content gets the best position in search engines. We make sure that your website gets the traffic and you get noticed by your intended audience.
  • We stand with you during the whole SEO process to ensure that our SEO strategies are fulfilling the task.

Case Study

Case summary – A home decor retailer wanted to increase their digital presence through SEO. They signed up with Clixterra in 2018. Within a year we helped them to accomplish their business goals.

Challenge – The challenge was to ship-shape the online presence of our client by employing SEO. The most important goals were to create a user-friendly website, boost online visibility and increase the number of visitors to the site.

Strategy – We conducted thorough keyword research and applied the most suitable SEO strategy. We organized the site’s content and fixed website errors.

The result – Our client is very satisfied with the result as we helped them to achieve their goals.


Get in touch with us if you find our SEO company fits your bill. Contact us online or call us if you wish to get more tips about how to find the best SEO company for your business. If you want you can speak to our strategist directly to know more about us. Our experienced experts create strategies that are useful and they will help you in the long run. So if you are searching for the best SEO company to accomplish your online marketing goals, reach us. Let us work together to help your business grow.

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